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School Tennis: H.S. No-Cut Tennis Teams
As teachers, administrators, coaches and parents we have the power to influence our youth. As role models, we encourage them to do their best, to strive for the top and to settle for nothing short of their dreams.

We tell them their opportunities are endless and their goals should be limitless. The United States Tennis Association (USTA) believes in empowering today’s youth. And just as we tell them their opportunities are vast, we need to ensure that they truly are. The USTA’s High School No-Cut Program is giving high school students of all tennis backgrounds the opportunity to play.

Attention all High School "No-Cut Coaches" or coaches who are interested in running a no-cut tennis program...The No-Cut Program and the coaches who belong to it play a critical role, allowing players the opportunity to experience the lifetime sport of tennis as a member of a team, representing their school. It also allows coaches to capitalize on talent from a larger-than-normal pool of players.

How can you get involved?

You can become a registered No-Cut Coach by visiting www.middlestates.usta.com or by contacting Ben Zislis at 610-935-5000 ext. 232 or Zislis@ms.usta.com.

To celebrate and recognize the efforts of its registered No-Cut Coaches, the USTA provides each coach with:

• A recognition letter to your principal and athletic director
• Customized press release announcing the school’s involvement in the No-Cut Coach Initiative
• USTA No-Cut Coach recognition certificate
• One-year subscription to Racquet Sports Industry magazine
• No-Cut Tennis Team banner for your school
• USTA No-Cut Coach cap
• USTA Tennis on College Campus Guide
• Top Ten Games and Drills CD
• Access to No-Cut Coach jackets, polo shirts, bags, and more from NetKnacks, Inc.