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  • USTA MOBILE APP FOR I-PHONES:  If you register for a tournament using the USTA Mobile App on I-Phones, PLEASE double check the tournament website on Tennislink through your computer.  The App does not list important tournament notes, information and requirements that you may need to know!


  • JR COMPETITION EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT GRANT:  The deadline to submit Junior Competition Expense Reimbursement Grant requests is May 14th for expenses incurred from February 1st through April 30th.  Please submit the application and receipts to the Middle States Office to the attention of Mike Kennedy.  A blank application is attached to this newsletter.
  • Junior Player Competition Expense Reimbursement Grant Application.doc


  • DEADLINE FAST APPROACHING!!! - ZONE TEAM/INTERSECTIONAL TEAM/NATIONAL TEAM REGISTRATIONS:  Registrations are now open for Zone Team Championships (Boys & Girls 12s, 14s and 16s), Intersectional Team Championships (Boys & Girls 14s and 16s), and National Team Championships (Boys & Girls 18s).  Register online on Tennislink.  Here are the ID numbers for each event:

All Age Groups – Zone Team Championships – Tennislink Tournament ID #350901315

All Age Groups – Intersectional Team Championships – Tennislink Tournament ID #350048615

Boys 18s National Team – Tennislink Tournament ID #350048515

Girls 18s National Team – Tennislink Tournament ID #350901615  


  • You can apply to both Zonals and Intersectionals. If registered for both events, Middle States will assume that it is the player's preference to play Intersectionals, and if selected for Intersectionals, the player will be removed from the Zone Team selection list.  
  • See each Tennislink Registration page for important information regarding location, travel and schedules. 
  • The 16s Zone Team location has changed for 2015 – the event will be held in Oklahoma City and NOT St. Louis. 
  • Once the teams are selected, uniforms will be distributed at the event.
  • The deadline for Zone Team & Intersectional Team registrations is June 1st, and the deadline for 18s National Team registrations is June 13th


  • JUNIOR GUIDEBOOK:  Everything you wanted to know about Junior Tennis is here!  Our NEW Junior Development Guidebook is now available!  The Guidebook can be found on the USTA Middle States website. Click on “Youth Programs” and then “Junior Tournaments”.  Here is the link:


  • DOUBLES REGISTRATION:  All players who want to participate in doubles MUST register online for a doubles event with a confirmed partner before midnight on the closing date.  Double check your registration on or before the day the tournament closes – click on the “Players” tab on the Tennislink page of the tournament.  If you have registered for both singles and doubles, it should be noted like this:   


Jones, David         Philadelphia, PA           78'Court/Yellow Ball - B16s, 78'Court/Yellow Ball - B16d (Smith, John)


If you don’t see the doubles event noted by your name on the players list, you are not registered and cannot participate in doubles.  If you registered for doubles with a partner, but your partner did not register by the closing date, you cannot play doubles with that partner.  Scenarios:


  •  If two players in the same tournament registered for doubles but their partner did not register before the deadline, it may be possible to pair those two players together who registered before the deadline.  You must e-mail the tournament director the morning after the tournament closes with this request. 
  •  Player A registered for doubles before the deadline but did not indicate a partner.  Player B registered for doubles before the deadline and indicated Player A as his partner.  Player A must e-mail the tournament director before the tournament closes to indicate Player B as his partner. 


For ALL tournaments when entering doubles, you MUST e-mail the tournament director BEFORE the close of the tournament if you do NOT want to play doubles if you don’t get selected into the singles draw.  If you don’t e-mail the tournament director, you WILL get selected into the doubles draw if you qualify even if you didn’t get selected for singles.  If you withdraw from doubles after the closing date, you will NOT be eligible for a refund. 


  • DID YOU KNOW????? – If you do not show up for a USTA Jr. Tournament match and don’t notify the referee or tournament director, you are charged with a “Default-No Show” and are given five (YES – 5!!) suspension points!  If you accumulate 10 suspension points, you cannot play in USTA tournaments for three months.  So make sure you show up for your match, and double check your match times online and with the referee!


  • DISTRICT LEVEL 7 TOURNAMENT REMINDERS:  Here are a few reminders about DR-L7 tournaments:


  • Players ranked in the top 20 in the Sectional Rankings will not be allowed to participate in that age group in which he or she has a top 20 ranking
  • Selection - Players are selected into DR-L7 tournaments based on the DISTRICT ranking
  • Seeding - Players are seeded in DR-L7 tournaments based on their SECTIONAL ranking


  • QUESTION OF THE MONTH:  Q – I won a DR-L7 tournament and wondered about the bonus points.  Why didn’t I see them on my Sectional ranking?

        A – The winner of a DR-L7 tournament receives 30 bonus points and the finalist receives 20 bonus points which are applied to their DISTRICT rankings, not Sectional rankings. 


Do you have a question you’d like answered on our next newsletter?  Send it to Laurie Schwepfinger at Schwepfinger@ms.usta.com.   We’d love to hear from you!




Your USTA MS Junior Competition/Development Team

Mike Kennedy – Sr. Director, Jr. Competition

Seth Walrath – Jr. Development Program Coordinator

Laurie Schwepfinger- Jr. Development Program Coordinator